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The Penati Story

One man’s quest for the perfect snack!

Don Grant and the story of Penati

Penati crackers came about because I wanted to feel great.

You see, I’d been going through a bit of a tough time and I suppose you could say I’d been eating my feelings a bit. Too many chocolate biscuits, a little too often, were taking their toll on my health and I was eager to get my vitality back. It was time to get in shape and feel great.

I started a low carb, healthy fat lifestyle and was beginning to feel pretty good, but the chocolate biscuits were still taunting me. I searched for a replacement, yet most biscuits and crackers weren’t nutritious and were packed with carbs and added sugar. Not to mention, the ‘healthier’ crackers tasted like cardboard.

One day, a friend baked me some seed crackers…

They weren’t too bad and I started experimenting in my kitchen. My results were pretty good, I thought. Healthy. Tasty. Natural. That’s what I was looking for!

My niece came visiting a few months later and tried my seed crackers. She told me they were awful! So I challenged her to do better. Twelve recipes and lots of FaceTime later we’d cracked it! A nutritionally rich, high protein, low carb, sugar free, gluten free Nut & Seed cracker full of flavour, with an honestly delicious taste.

It was 2014, the Penati cracker was born and I was feeling great. Now I wanted to share this magic snack with everyone, everywhere!

Don Grant

Fast forward to today…

It’s been tough to commercially manufacture a cracker using just nuts and seeds. Adding unhealthy and unnecessary ingredients into the recipe to make it easier to produce was never an option for me. That’s why it’s taken years of pushing boundaries, innovating and persistence to perfect the Penati cracker.

I wanted this amazing cracker to be the real deal, with the same whole food ingredients that I make it with at home – healthy, natural and honestly delicious. I hope you’ll agree that it is.

I’m in shape. I feel great, and best of all, I’m thrilled to share Penati with you.