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The Ultimate Cracker!

High protein, low carb, all natural and honestly delicious.

Nut Range.

Penati’s Nut Crackers include delicious, healthy nuts so they are still high in protein, plus being a low carb, KETO & gluten free cracker. We have Parmesan (one of Don’s faves) + Nude and Garlic & Black Pepper which are also Vegan friendly.⁠

Seed Range.

Penati’s Seed Crackers are higher in protein and the addition of oats adds a delicious nuttiness and satisfying crunch that perfectly complements the seeds and grains in our crackers. ⁠Oats have loads of health benefits and help to keep you fuller for longer. ⁠

Packed with protein

More than 5 grams of protein per serving.

Low carbs

Only 0.6 net grams of carb per cracker (average)

No added sugar

We don’t add sugar or artificial sweeteners to our crackers.

High in healthy fat

Good poly and mono unsaturated fat helps you feel great!